06/20/2012 01:57 pm ET

Baby Meerkats Born At British Zoo Are Adorable (VIDEO)

Meerkats may not actually be cats at all, but they sure are adorable.

This litter of baby meerkats was born at the West Midlands Safari Park in England last year, and celebrated their birthday earlier this month.

In this adorable video, the three meerkats frolic in their habitat, say hello to their elders, and generally bumble about. If you thought the sitting frog was cute, just wait until you see a baby meerkat try and sit upright.

As can be gathered from their behaviour, meerkats, which are members of the mongoose family, are very social animals. In the wild, one meerkat will stand lookout while others forage for food, keeping the group informed of potential danger with little squeaks.

Although these meerkat babies are lovable, these African mammals are actually incredibly well-adapted predators. Meerkats are primarily insect eaters, but they also hunt lizards and snakes in their natural habitat. They are also immune to certain kinds of venom, including that of Kalahari Desert scorpions.



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