06/20/2012 02:00 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Baywatch' Movie: Justin Timberlake Rumored For Lead Role In Possible Reboot

Some people stand in darkness afraid to step into the light. Some people need to help somebody, when the edge of surrender is in sight. Don't you worry, it's going to be all right: Justin Timberlake might star in a big-screen reboot of "Baywatch." Dude will be there -- never you fear.

According to Twitch, Paramount is courting Timberlake to star in the long-developing comedy, though whether he would deign to appear is unclear. Ivan Reitman first announced the film in March of 2011, but its script was not very sea-worthy.

"We still don’t have a script that’s makeable," Reitman said to THR. "I think it’s a big opportunity. This is a comedy, and I think we have a very interesting take -- a classical idea that will be fresh for the world audience. It's one of the best-known titles that's out there."

To that end, "Baywatch" was a massive syndicated success, airing 242 episodes over the course of 11 seasons. Original stars David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson would reportedly also have parts in the "Baywatch" film.

"I'm looking at the 'Baywatch' episodes right now in my office -- I've got 200 of them," Hasselhoff told Movieline earlier this year. "I'm looking at 'Knight Rider,' going, 'Wow, I've done some pretty wild stuff.' Would I go back to it? Sure. I’d do anything."

For more on what role Timberlake would play in "Baywatch," head over to Twitch.

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