06/20/2012 02:28 pm ET

Extreme SEAL Experience Allows Brave Civilians To Vacation At SEAL Training Camp (VIDEO)

For most guys, vacation is usually something along the lines of camping, fishing or popping a few cold ones on the beach. Physical abuse is rarely on the agenda. But, a few brave souls are exchanging their days off for the opportunity to train like a SEAL.

The Extreme SEAL Experience hosts week-long training camps in Chesapeake, Virginia, based on BUDS -- that's the Navy's six-month Basic Underwater Demolition School. Run by retired Navy SEAL instructors, the program "allows civilians to test their metal in the cauldron of the military’s toughest training regime," says ABC.

Extreme SEAL Experience runs two different courses, The SEAL Advanced Training (basic entry level) and SEAL Sniper/Breecher Training (advanced level), both running $1,890 for seven days. A 14-day combination of the two goes for $3,590.

There are no real requirements for attendees, just that they be in average physical condition, and no maximum age limit. Attendees can be as young as 16, and people in their 30s and 40s not only attend, they are expected to lead. "No matter your age, we’ll push you 10 times farther than you think you can go," says the website. "Guys as old 65 have attended and kicked ass here."

For a taste of SEAL life, ABC's "Nightline" attended a session. Watch what it was like in the video above.