06/20/2012 10:49 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Naked Man 'High On Drugs' In The Hollywood Hills (PHOTO, GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Residents in a tony Hollywood Hills neighborhood got a rude awakening June 12 when a naked man was found crawling on top of cars and screaming about being high on drugs.

Now video has emerged of the frightening episode thanks to TMZ, who asked model Miranda Kerr what she thought of the incident unfolding outside her door.

WATCH: (warning: graphic content)

Kerr isn't the star of TMZ's segment. Instead, footage of the man being arrested by police are what make for some morbid must-watch material.

"I want to roll down the hill, let me inch like an inch worm," said the man, face down on the road as police were handcuffing him.

He then licked a piece of chewed gum stuck on the ground, exclaiming, "Oh, there's a piece of gum!"

WeHo Daily, which first reported the incident via Twitter, noted that the man was crawling on top of cars before he was detained.

In these photos uploaded a week ago, the man can be seen chewing on a car antenna.

Photos via imgur: zombiebarbie2012

When Los Angeles police officers arrived on the scene, the man eluded capture and dove head first into some bushes, reports the Mirror. Officers had to don black gloves before they wrestled the suspect to the ground and handcuffed him.

See the Mirror for more photos of the naked arrest.

The Huffington Post has reached out to police about this incident, and will update this story with the man's status if they respond.

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