06/20/2012 06:08 pm ET

Rev. Corey Brooks, 'Pastor On The Roof,' Reaches Pennsylvania On Cross-Country Trek (VIDEO)

Two weeks after Chicago pastor and nonviolence activist Corey Brooks left New York City for a four-month fundraising trek across the country, the community leader checked in with Fox Chicago from central Pennsylvania.

Brooks and his two sons, 11-year-old Cobe and Desmond Marshall, 22, are walking from New York to Los Angeles in an effort to solicit donations for Brooks' longtime mission, Project Helping Others Obtain Destiny (H.O.O.D.), which seeks to turn a crime-ridden motel on Chicago's South Side into a community center.

Brooks has been fighting to close the motel across the street from his church since last November, when he began a nearly four-month occupation on the motel's rooftop to generate awareness and funding. The effort raised $450,000, enough to purchase and demolish the building, with the help of a $98,000 donation from producer Tyler Perry during a recent promotional visit.

Brooks told Fox Chicago he was awed by the compassion he's been shown on his journey, including the donation of an RV from a fellow pastor to help support his cause.

"It seems as if every city we go into, once they talk to us and hear our cause and hear our story, they're more than willing to take us in," Brooks told the station. (See video above.)

Brooks expects to reach Pittsburgh by Wednesday, according to the itinerary posted on his website.