06/20/2012 04:47 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

San Francisco's Rudest Bars And Restaurants: SF Tops National 'Most Abusive' Restaurant List (PHOTOS)

In honor of Conan O'Brien's viral video faceoff between Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and the staff of Chicago's rudest restaurant Wiener's Circle, Grub Street San Francisco released a list of the thirteen most abusive restaurants in America.

And though the East Coast has traditionally held the title for meanest waitstaff demeanor, San Francisco made the list a staggering three times--more than any other city in the nation.


Say it ain't so, Grub Street!

While other cities like New York, Boston and Philadelphia were cited for their loud-mouth attitudes, San Francisco was noted for its stringent rules (see the list of ways to get kicked out of Zeitgeist), stifling in-house etiquette (don't even think of dunking your sushi rice first in soy sauce) and all-around tough love. And then again, there's always Sam Wo.

Has our bar and restaurant reverence gone too far? Grub Street got us thinking about a few not-so-hospitable interactions of our own.

Check out a few of San Francisco's most infamously rude bar and restaurants and add a few of your favorites in the comments section. Then, watch Insult the Comic Dog taking on Weiner's Circle in the video below:

San Francisco Rudest Bars And Restaurants