06/20/2012 09:06 am ET

Speed Cameras In NYC Streets Proposed To Catch Traffic Violations

Lawmakers are proposing the installation of cameras to police speed and traffic violations by passing cars in New York City.

The proposal is hoping to install 40 cameras throughout the city and will most likely issue automatic violations.

The New York Times reports that while similar strategies are already in place to monitor red-light and bus-lane violations, the new program currently gaining traction in Albany will place new responsibility on the city's Speed Racers.

The bill will fine violators an initial $50 for driving more than 10 mph over the 30 mph speed limit. If you dare to go over 30 mph over the limit, the fine doubles to $100.

Seemingly minor changes in speed have been known to have larger psychological effects on restless city drivers, as they record feeling more comfortable while driving on weekend days when they are able to drive faster and avoid weekday gridlock.

In 2011, 21 cyclists in New York City died in vehicle accidents with only two drivers arrested. Police say one of the reasons it remains difficult to charge drivers in such fatal accidents is largely due to lack of proof a driver was speeding.

Of the statistics, Assistant District Attorney for the Bronx Joe McCormack said, "We as a society have chosen to drive these big cars. And we also as a society have chosen not to criminalize every single small mistake that just has a dramatic consequence because you’re driving a car."