06/21/2012 12:25 pm ET

A World With No Math: John Oliver, Julie Bowen Back Math Program For Save The Children (VIDEO)

Let's face it: Math is hard. There are no two ways around it. Or, maybe there are, but we wouldn't know, because of how hard math is.

But it's easy to forget how often we use even rudimentary math in our everyday lives, and the fact is that many parts of the world don't have the privilege to learn the math skills we take for granted. Even if that privilege is confusing and you won't remember the difference between "sine" and "cosine" after 10th grade.

John Oliver, Julie Bowen, Simon Helberg and Michael Boatman (you know, from "Spin City") teamed up for this video on behalf of Save the Children, produced by some members of "The Daily Show" team to bring awareness to a campaign that would bring more math to classrooms in Bangladesh and Malawi.

To help out with this campaign, visit the campaign's website.