06/21/2012 06:40 am ET Updated Aug 21, 2012

'Barter Kings': Man Starts With An MP3 Player And Trades His Way Up To A Diamond Ring (VIDEO)

"Barter Kings" (Wed., 9 p.m. ET on A&E) is a fun look at something people do all the time: trading their unwanted stuff for someone else's unwanted stuff. But these guys have it down to an artform, as Steve demonstrated when he decided he wanted to give his wife a diamond ring for their wedding anniversary.

Knowing he could never afford the thousands of dollars necessary to get the kind of ring he wanted, he decided to trade his way to it. And it all started with an MP3 player worth a measly $100. But Steve worked his magic, and his way through a beer sign and a guitar on his way to a valuable Eagles record.

But at $1,500 dollars, the record still wasn't where he needed to be to convince the ring's owner to trade with him. So he played on the guy's emotions, reminding him of the relationship that fell apart, leaving the guy with that ring. The method worked, and he wound up with a $7,500 ring that his wife absolutely loved.

It's enough to make people wonder what they could get for all that junk lying around their house, as well as reminiscing back to childhood, when trading still ruled the day among friends.

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