06/21/2012 11:44 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Craig Ward's 'Cascades' Features Man-Made Icicles Growing Before Your Eyes (VIDEO)

For those East Coasters battling the first spell of stifling summer heat, how about a video to help you summon into mind cooler things? It takes a minute to really grasp what exactly you're looking at in graphic designer Craig Ward's first video for British composer Ryan Teague, but by the middle you begin to get a sense that the spider-like webs are in fact icicles growing before your eyes.

Shot over four days with help from biochemist turned photographer, Linden Gledhill, Ward and the crew on "Cascades" grew icicles on the tip of an electrically charged needle. The icicles followed the electromagnetic field lines that were generated by the 2000 Volt charge pulsing through the needle. In the end, gravity forced the icicles to grow downward, all the while twisting and contorting on their way down.

Teague's music in the video is reminiscent of a childhood music box, so it makes sense that Ward and team describe the icicles' movements as a "reinterpreted music box ballerina."

The video is at once mystical, surreal and enchanting; take a look for yourself below.


Ryan Teague - Cascades from Village Green on Vimeo.