06/21/2012 03:16 pm ET

Chinese Police Rescue Man On Ledge Threatening Suicide (VIDEO)

A Chinese police officer pulled his best Spiderman impression last week, swinging off the side of a building to save a potential jumper from tumbling to his death.

The Telegraph reports police in Ningbo City responded to a man threatening to jump from a window ledge with a daring plan of distraction and interception; while police below distracted the jumper by talking through a loudspeaker, others climbed to the roof, with one officer rappelling around the side of the building in daring fashion to prevent the shirtless man from making good on his threats. ITN notes all the action took place at least four stories up.

According to Nine MSN, other rescuers reached out from windows to tie the man's feet and secure him to his perch. The crowd below applauded as police took the man to a waiting car.

Preliminary investigations indicate the man considered suicide because of family troubles.