06/21/2012 05:36 pm ET Updated Jun 22, 2012

David Duke Endorses Charles Barron For Congress: Former KKK Grand Wizard Finds Anti-Zionist Middle Ground (VIDEO)

David Duke, a former KKK Grand Wizard and self-described "white nationalist", released a video Wednesday endorsing former Black Panther and current Moammar Gaddafi-loving New York City Council Member Charles Barron. Barron is running for the Democratic nomination for New York's 8th Congressional District.

What, you ask, could these two possibly have in common? Why, anti-zionism of course.


Barron, you see, once called the government of Israel the "biggest terrorist in the world." Duke thinks that's just great, saying, "I certainly agree with Barron that Israel is the worst, rogue terrorist state on Earth."

Barron's opponent, Hakeem Jeffries, on the other hand, Duke calls a "complete zionist sellout to both the black people, and all the people of America" who has "sold his soul to the international Zio-bankers."

Duke also says he disagrees with "Barron’s extreme, racist, even violently anti-white rhetoric," referring to the time Barron appeared before the US Congress during a hearing on reparations and said, "I want to go up to the closest white person and say, ‘You can’t understand this, it’s a black thing’ and then slap him, just for my mental health."

Additionally, Duke does not like Barron's, nor Jeffries', stance on affirmative action. Affirmative action, according to Duke, is the "Republican and Democratic establishment program of naked racial discrimination." He adds, "If you want to call me a racist for defending equal rights, then so be it."

Later in the video, Duke gets around to making his endorsement.

“In a race for Congress between an anti-Zionist black activist and a black activist who is a bought and paid for Zionist Uncle Tom, I’ll take the anti-Zionist any day,” he says. “In this election of limited choices, I believe that Charles Barron is the best choice. Why? Because I think there’s no greater danger facing the United States of America and facing the world than the unbridled power of Zionist globalism. … Charles Barron stands against that power. If I lived in New York City, I would certainly vote for Charles Barron.”

That's right, if he lived in New York City. What's Duke doing dabbling in New York politics, anyway? Well, according to him, "The Jewish-controlled New York media is now calling Barron the 'David Duke' of New York." (This alleged Jewish-controlled media is actually only WNYC, who was actually only quoting City Council Member David Greenfield when he compared Barron to Duke.) Ever since, says Duke, he's been "deluged" by media inquiries as to whether he'd endorse Barron.

Hakeem Jeffries' spokeswoman, Lupe Todd, responded to Duke's video Thursday, telling The New York Observer, “Hate and extreme rhetoric have no place in our society,” adding, “We denounce David Duke’s remarks in its entirety and urge the other candidate in this race to do the same.”

And Barron called Duke's video, "foolishness."

"We’re staying focused and we demand respect for our campaign,” Barron said of the endorsement. “I don’t think that’s a campaign issue. I don’t think it’s intelligent.”

Although Jeffries is thought to be the frontrunner in the race, without polls, it's impossible to determine how far ahead he may or may not be. Jeffries has earned many endorsements, including Senator Chuck Schumer, while Barron has been endorsed both by retiring New York Congressman Ed Towns, and New York City's largest public union, District Council 37.

A victory in Tuesday's Democratic primary for either candidate is tantamount to a general election victory in the heavily Democratic district.

Queasy at the prospect of Barron representing New York on Capitol Hill, four major New York City newspapers, in no uncertain terms, have endorsed Jeffries. The New York Times wrote:

Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries is a solid legislator and the chief sponsor of a law that requires the New York Police Department to discard data about anyone who has been stopped and frisked but not charged with a crime. He has worked to bring in more affordable housing and strengthened protections for tenants. City Councilman Charles Barron is an embarrassing ideologue, who rants against Israel and invited Robert Mugabe, the Zimbabwe dictator, to City Hall. We endorse Hakeem Jeffries.