06/21/2012 01:42 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Democrats vs. Republicans' Video Game Brings Obama, Clinton And Cheney To The Battlefield

With the election season rapidly escalating, game designer Peter Forth is looking to give political spectators another outlet to take out their frustrations ahead of November. His brainchild, a video game that pits Democrats against Republicans, is aptly titled "Democrats vs. Republicans," and he's hoping supporters will help him fund its release.

In his Kickstarter video, Forth admits that his game -- a real-time strategy that plays like popular games such as "Starcraft" or "Age of Empires" -- "caters to the worst stereotypes of both sides of the political spectrum." It is, at the very least, bipartisan, unlike the highly controversial "Tea Party Zombies Must Die" video game that received some press last year.

The basic premise of "Democrats vs. Republicans" involves Democratic and Republican armies mired in a perpetual war for supremacy. The two fight for money and votes, then win by destroying the other party. Sounds familiar.

Each political party will have access to 20 different units and five different structures.

Democrats will be able to populate their forces with the likes of "Union Workers, Welfare Moms, EcoNuts and Hippie Vans." They'll also be able to create media personality units such as Michael Moore and Keith Olbermann, and politicians like the Clintons, Al Gore and President Barack Obama. Their structures include Solar Cells and Ivory Towers, according to the game description.

The Republican army is comprised of "Red Necks, Tea Baggers, Religious Fanatics and Survivalists." Players will be able to shore up their ranks with Glenn Becks and Bill O’Reillys, as well as politicians including President George W. Bush, former Vice President Dick Cheney and presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney. In his video pitch, seen below, Forth also suggests that players will be able to create the "ghost of Ronald Reagan" to help destroy Democrats. Oil Pumps and Churches will also be available for "Republican" players to build.

Much of the game's visible nuance comes in how the various units attack each other. Cheney uses a "shotgun," Romney an "Etch a Sketch" and Al Gore has the power to fry his opponents using "global warming." Newt Gingrich's move appears to be a giant head that expands and explodes, while Obama responds by hurling basketballs at his foes.

Forth is quick to concede that the game is "politically incorrect," and says that's part of the reason he needs help funding it, as no mainstream gaming company would support to premise. Be that as it may, Forth also says he's already completed most of the work designing the product. From his Kickstarter page:

The game has been under development for nearly a year now and about 90% of the coding is complete. The game engine is built, the AI is in place and the characters are ready. The money raised from Kickstarter will go towards putting a more professional polish on the game graphics and artwork, completing the campaign level design, building our website and adding a two player networking head-to-head option

Forth's Kickstarter project is set to end on June 28. He's got a long way to go if he wants to reach his $15,000 goal.

Watch Forth's Kickstarter pitch below:

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