06/21/2012 01:12 pm ET

Erika Bonilla, Latin Singer And FBI Employee, Sues Justice Department

FBI employees in Albuquerque, N.M. relentlessly harassed one of their co-workers, partially because they were jealous of her singing career, according to a new lawsuit.

The case, filed on behalf of ex-FBI administrative specialist Erika Bonilla names the Justice Department and Attorney General Eric Holder as defendants, according to a copy of the suit obtained by Courthouse News.

The alleged harassment started after Bonilla received a promotion that some of her colleagues felt should have gone to another woman. The suit chalks up the alleged mistreatment to envy.

"She was also discriminated against because she is a Hispanic female who received the position she had over Maria Grossetete, and because several co-workers were jealous of her appearance and Latin singing career," the document states.

Judging from Bonilla's description on her site, it's no surprise that someone might be jealous her. The singer has a "dynamic stage presence, coupled with powerful vocals and genuine passion for singing, bring out the emotional vibe in all of her performances."

Bonilla's bio also notes that she "continued to accomplish solo performances throughout the country" including performing the National Anthem "at various singing venues."

Bonilla's lawyer, Monnica Garcia, told ABC News that her client hopes no one else has to experience what she did.

"This lawsuit was brought because, despite her repeated complaints to management, the agency failed to address the hostile work environment," Garcia said. "Ms. Bonilla hopes this lawsuit will not only compensate her for her damages, but also prevent future acts of discrimination and retaliation."



The FBI's Pop Star Erika Bonilla