06/21/2012 01:19 pm ET

Joan Rivers Doesn't Care About Memoirs By Other Celebrities

Joan Rivers is thrilled that her new book, "I Hate Everyone…Starting With Me," has made it onto The New York Times best-seller list, but thinks other famous people who are releasing books should just shut up.

"I think it's just stupid, all these people writing books. I really don’t care what traumas have happened to Justin Bieber or Bethenny [Frankel],” laughs Joan. "Bethenny is the luckiest white woman on the face of the earth. Selling a drink with Sweet'N Low in it and making a fortune -- that’s called luck."

Rivers has equally little desire to read a new tell-all book by John Edwards' former mistress, Rielle Hunter. "I have no interest in her book,” Joan tells me. "You know [John] has to be boring in bed because his hair never moves."

Joan says she would love to do a tell-all book herself, but admits she has very little to tell.

"They should get Roddy McDowall’s diaries exhumed. He wrote everything down and made sure the diaries were locked until 2050. And no one is going to care then. My grandson isn’t going to care about "Liz & Dick" and all that sh*t. This is the time they should come out."

If however, Joan does decide that she will write a tell-all, she jokes that President Barack Obama should be the most scared.

“I left that whole chapter out of my book. He was a student and he came to New York alone. Say no more. He and I give each other little winks,” laughs Joan.

“There are so many of these old whores, but the one celebrity I would like to write a book is Angelina [Jolie]," she continues. "She’s a little young, but she has a big book in her, drinking blood and kissing her brother. But if you do a tell-all, you have to tell all. Don’t make history even more confused.”