06/21/2012 10:16 am ET Updated Jun 21, 2012

Daily News Photographer Marcus Santos Speaks Out, Alec Baldwin Blasts Daily News On Twitter (VIDEO)

Marcus Santos, the Daily News photographer who alleges that Alec Baldwin punched him, told his side of the story on Thursday's "Good Morning America."

He and Baldwin got into a physical altercation outside the New York City marriage license bureau on Tuesday. Santos alleges that Baldwin punched him. The actor has not only vehemently denied that, but also said that Santos' camera hit him in the face.

On Thursday, Santos gave his account of the scuffle. "I never hit him with the camera," he said, denying Baldwin's story. "How am I gonna take a picture if I come too close?"

"He threw a punch," Santos stated, reiterating his claims. "Right on the chin." He said that he has headaches and joint pain from the impact.

Santos alleged that Baldwin started to go after another photographer first, but came at him after he spoke up. He has hired a lawyer, who said that their goal is to see the actor prosecuted for assault.

"I'm feeling so embarrassed for what he did to me," Santos said. "I like to take pictures, [for] my picture [to] be on the front page, not me be on the front page."

The same morning as Santos' "GMA" appearance, Baldwin blasted the Daily News and the paper's editor-in-chief Colin Myler on Twitter.

He wrote, Another tweet read,


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