06/21/2012 12:27 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mitt Romney Loves Pranks, His Sons Tell Conan (VIDEO)

If Mitt Romney doesn't win in November, he can at least have a back-up plan to join the cast of the next "Ocean's 11" sequel. Because that dude can't get enough of pranks.

All five of Romney's sons appeared on "Conan" Wednesday night, and told O'Brien all about their dad's love of pranks. George and Brad, you know how to get in touch with senior pranksman Mitt Romney to liven up the set.

"He does like pranks, although he doesn't like to get pranked," Josh Romney says.

He really doesn't. In the clip above, the sons show off a prank they pulled during primary season when Romney was seeking the endorsement of Arnold Schwarzenegger. What he wasn't seeking the endorsement of, however, was a voicebox that spouted out phrases from Schwarzenegger's films -- which is what he got.

Another time, Josh Romney grabbed his dad's arm in a dark basement as he looked for the light switch, much to the presumptive GOP presidential nominee's chagrin. Josh was promptly wrestled to the ground, but not before Mitt "shrieked a bit."

This other time, Romney wrote "HELP" on the top of his friend's shoes right before the friend's wedding ceremony. "I'm not sure they're still friends," Tagg said.

Matt Romney then revealed that Mitt constantly pulls the old "smell this whipped cream and then I'll smash it in your face" gag.

Reporters got a taste of Mitt's infamous pranking last week when he left a note on his press bus informing them that he erased all of their hard drives. Only, he didn't really! Classic Mitt!