06/21/2012 06:33 pm ET Updated Jun 21, 2012

Ninja Wedding: Australian Bride And Groom Battle Ninjas On Way To Altar

Most engaged couples experience obstacles on their way to the altar, but none as ridiculous as what Australian newlyweds Wendy Gowing and Gary Pore faced.

The pair spent more than a month filming a wedding entrance video that included a Benny Hill-style race, a ninja battle, and short trip on a children's scooter and bicycle -- all in full wedding attire.

According to AdelaideNow, the pair wanted a "light and fun" wedding, and decided to add the ninjas because of two of Gowing's young relatives.

"The ninjas were inspired by my two little nephews. They think that Gary, because he's Asian, is a ninja," Gowing told the paper. "Every time we babysit them, Gary puts a jumper over his face and pretends to be a ninja."

Gowing and Pore aren't the only pair to stage an elaborate entrance video. Watch theirs above, then click through the slideshow below for other couples who had outrageous wedding entrances.

Wedding Dance Slideshow

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