Pogo's 'Pulp Fiction' Remix: The Gore-And-Food-Filled 'Lead Breakfast' (VIDEO)

We've covered electronic remixer Pogo many, many, many, many times, it's true. Known to his family and friends as Nick Bertke, and to YouTube users as Faggotron, the Australian DJ is a master chopper of audio, notably turning Disney movies and natural sound into ethereal music. If you can resist dream pop remixes of Disney movies, we tip our hat to your seriousness. For everyone else: new Pogo, y'all!

This time Pogo traveled to the land of live action, scrambling the already scrambled "Pulp Fiction" into a trigger-and-burger-heavy joint, "Lead Breakfast." Uma Thurman, John Travolta and Bruce Willis all show up, but the real star of this circus is Samuel L. Jackson. Check it below, and whatever you do, don't say "what"!