06/21/2012 04:19 pm ET

Steve Carell Returns To 'The Daily Show' With New Books He Authored (VIDEO)

As one of the original "Daily Show" correspondents to break out from the show, Steve Carell always delights when returning to his old stomping grounds to ostensibly promote a new project. Wednesday's episode was no exception.

Instead of spending too much time promoting "Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World," Carell showed up in Serious Author mode, with glasses and a thin beard. Poking fun at "The Daily Show's" penchant for booking public intellectuals and academics in addition to starlets and action heroes, Carell brought out a few books he claimed to have penned, eager to jumpstart his own version of public discourse.

Carell pushed a few of his newest, very serious and important works, including "The Last Pharaoh: Egypt's Transition From the Mubarak Era," "Exploring the N-Word: Language's Last Taboo" which features a forward from Tavis Smiley, a tell-all about working for "The Daily Show," "50 Shades of Yams," and "Steve Carell by Steve Jobs by Steve Carell."

After all, it's publish or perish. Even if you're Steve Carell. Especially if you're Steve Carell.