06/21/2012 01:46 pm ET Updated Jun 21, 2012

Swingers Party, Thrown By School Of Sex And Behind Closed Doors, Shut Down At Mondrian Soho Hotel

There are conflicting accounts of what exactly shut down a swingers sex party inside the luxe Mondrian's SoHo penthouse.

According to the event organizers, the hotel's camerahappy security guards were to blame. "The hotel security wanted to gain access because we had a famous celebrity show up and they thought it would be a great chance to expose that information,' Jasmine from the School of Sex told the MailOnline. "Some of the guests actually saw the hotel security try to snap pictures of our guests paparazzi style when people were exiting."

Of course, the exclusive and secretive club would not stand for this. "At that point, our own security (ex Navy Seal) grabbed the iPhone the hotel security was using and wiped the picture," Jasmine said.

Another organizer, identified only as Rocco, said they then shut down the event.

The hotel claims, however, that no staff were taking pictures, and that the event was falsely booked as a photoshoot. It was the hotel, not the organizers, that shut down the party. A hotel source told The New York Post:

"The event was booked as a photo shoot/documentary. There were issues with music and noise, so security came up to investigate, but were barred entry by the production’s own security. But hotel staff noticed the ‘guests’ were in various different stages of undress and positions, so they were removed from the hotel. The swingers then tried to carry on the party in two other rooms they had booked for hair and makeup, and were completely removed from the hotel.”

And one of the guards told the MailOnline that there was simply too many people showing up. 'It was supposed to be a film shoot for ten people. That's what it was booked for,' Mr Ramos said. 'It just kept multiplying. We did our job and we went upstairs. They didn't even let us inside the room.'

The "SiN White Party" was organized by Behind Closed Doors and produced by the School of Sex, who doesn't seem too fussed about the party-poopers at Mandrian.

"To be totally blunt, we are totally encouraged by the positive feedback from other venues,” Rocco said. “Various hotels reached out to us and said, ‘We want your business. Please come to our hotel.'"

The School Of Sex would also, for the record, like to disspel the following rumors about the party:

Will and Jada Smith did NOT attend the event.

Former Governor Patterson and his wife did NOT attend the event. Although he is in good shape, Governor Patterson is too old to be selected for membership.

Former Congressman Anthony Weiner and wife Huma Abedin did NOT attend the event.

The School Of Sex organizes parties once a month for an exclusive and upscale set of New York professionals. At the parties, there are 4 strict rules:

1. Ladies make the rules 2. No means no 3. Men cannot approach women 4. Members only.

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Watch below as Penthouse Pet Justine Joli endorses the School Of Sex: