06/21/2012 12:58 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

British Mother, Vicky Patmore, Saved By 8-Year-Old Daughter After Microwaveable Dinner Explodes

vicky patmore

After a microwaveable dinner exploded in her face, a British mother was saved from severe burns thanks to her quick-thinking 8-year-old daughter.

Thirty-two-year-old Vicki Patmore was attempting to peel the lid off the packaging of her meal when the beef ravioli exploded onto her face and chest.

Patmore told the Thanet Times that the burns left her in a "state of shock."

Thankfully, her daughter, 8-year-old Ella Rake, was on hand to save the day.

"She told her mom that she needed to get into a cold shower right away," Ella's teacher, Louise Shipley, told The Huffington Post. "Her mom didn't want to do it at first, but she listened to [Ella] in the end."

As Patmore stood under the shower, Ella quickly called an ambulance and advised her mother to wrap her burns in cling film.

"When the paramedics arrived, they said that [Ella's directions] were probably what saved her from getting terrible scars," said Shipley.

Ella, who attends Chartfield School in Kent, England, had been learning first aid at an after-school club.

"We have just learnt about burns, so that's how I knew what to do," Ella told the Thanet Times.

Shipley, who leads the first aid club, said the school is tremendously pleased with the little girl.

"We're very, very proud of her. It's nice to know that when we give [children] the skills, they're brave enough to put it into practice when they're out there in the world," she said.

According to the Thanet Times, this is not the first time that little Ella has come to her mother's rescue. In 2010, when Ella was just five, she called an ambulance after Patmore suffered a heart attack, saving her mother's life.

"She is like a little carer to me, she is amazing," said Patmore, adding that she was very proud of her daughter and was grateful to the school for teaching her first aid.

Since her heroic efforts, little Ella has become a mini celebrity in her school, inspiring the younger -- and older -- students with her calm and courage.

In the last month alone, there have been several instances of heroic children who've saved their family. Ten-year-old Bradley Mitchell was named an honorary firefighter after he performed CPR on his mother following a car crash. Little Alesaundra Tafoya, all of 3, alerted the local fire station near Stockton, Calif., after her father collapsed, and managed to save his life.