06/22/2012 03:38 am ET

2012 NBA Playoffs Highlights: What Was The Best Play Of The Postseason? (VIDEOS)

LeBron James and the Miami Heat produced plenty of high-flying highlights en route to winning the 2012 NBA championship, but one of the best plays of the postseason may have come from a team that they eliminated way back in the first round.

A few games before the New York Knicks were sent packing by Miami in the first round, J.R. Smith threw down a wild, acrobatic double-pump slam in Game 3 that seemed like it shook Madison Square Garden. Down by 10 early in the fourth quarter, the Knicks guard drove to his right past LeBron, found some open space underneath the hoop before soaring across the lane for the emphatic dunk.

Yes, Heat fans (and some folks in Seattle) may be the only ones smiling at the conclusion of the 2012 NBA postseason but there were loads of crowd-pleasing moments like this along the way.

Kobe Bryant reached deep into his young bag of tricks and threw down a reverse dunk against Oklahoma City. We were treated to one of Rajon Rondo's beautiful fake behind-the-back passes in the Eastern Conference Finals. Of course, Blake Griffin did something spectacular in his playoffs debut (and it wasn't a dunk). Even Denver Nuggets center JaVale McGee showed he has what it takes to perform in the postseason (Seriously, that actually happened).

So now that the 2012 NBA postseason has officially come to a close and champion has been crowned, it's time to sit back and watch some of the most thrilling highlights that the playoffs had to offer. Which one do you think was the best of the best? Are there any must-see moments that we're missing?



2012 NBA Playoff Highlights