06/22/2012 04:06 pm ET

3D Video: Wedding Shot In 3D With 5K RED Epic Camera

Two-dimensional wedding videos are so last year.

A bride and groom in Montecito, Calif. had their recent wedding filmed in 3D using a 5K RED Epic camera -- the same equipment that Peter Jackson used to film the yet-to-be-released "Hobbit" and Ridley Scott used to film "Prometheus," the Daily Mail reports.

The wedding was filmed by Golden Gate 3D director and producer Peter Chang, who calls the experience of seeing people in 3D "breathtaking."

"Their faces become real and have extraordinary volume, roundness, and weight," Chang told the Daily Mail. "The results literally speak volumes!"

The video is 3D IMAX quality, and the newlyweds will receive their video on Blue-ray 3D. Chang told the paper that wedding videography in 3D will become more common as more devices begin to support its format.

While certainly ahead of the curve, this isn't the first 3D wedding video we've heard about. An Australian couple filmed their wedding video in 3D in 2010, and another couple had their wedding recorded on the RED Epic camera in 2011 by San Diego, California-based photographer Tonaci Tran.

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