06/22/2012 01:53 pm ET Updated Jun 22, 2012

Berkshire Piglets At Lincoln Park Zoo: Workers Find Babies With Visiting Sow (PHOTOS)

During a short visit to Lincoln Park Zoo to receive special maternity care, a 200-pound Berkshire pig named Lady gave birth to a litter of piglets that surprised animal keepers Wednesday morning.

General Curator Dave Bernier says the zoo is particularly excited to have the piglets during their busy summer season.

“The goal of the Farm-in-the-Zoo is to introduce city kids to a traditional farm, and piglets are an especially cute way to do that,” Bernier said in a release. “Lincoln Park Zoo loves to provide a comfy home and excellent veterinary care to these mothers and their newborns.”

Lady and her piglets are on exhibit daily in the Livestock Barn at the Farm-in-the-Zoo until heading back home in early August.

Visit them Friday, June 22 during the zoo's "Jammin' at the Zoo" summer concert series, which features performances from Neon Trees and Hedley this week.

The piglets aren't the zoo's only new additions. Check out some of Lincoln Park's newest cuties:



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