06/22/2012 04:00 pm ET

Fort Reno Announces More Acts, Edie Sedwick, Art Sorority For Girls (PHOTOS)

WASHINGTON -- The 2012 Fort Reno summer concert series is two shows in and has just released the complete schedule of dates and almost full lineup.

Thursday night Edie Sedgwick, Art Sorority for Girls and Brenda weathered the heat to entertain the brave, not-at-all-cold souls. Art Sorority somehow stayed dry while Edie and Co. came dressed for occasion and left undressed for the occasion.

Now that the remaining schedule has been released, our picks for who not to miss feature a wide array of all local talent.

The Torches (June 25) are a good fit for any outdoor, well-lit concert situation. The six-member indie folk group will definitly utilize their surroundings and stretch out on a stage able to hold all of the member.

Have you ever seen an electronic duo with a bunch of kids in the blistering heat for free? Why not start with Atoms Apart (July 5)?

Nunchucks (July 12) are straight up good fun. Their songs are three-minute blasts of garage joy. Hopefully some pre-teens will see this band and start tribute acts in praise of this rock-and-roll three-piece.

One of the neater aspects of Fort Reno is checking out bands that don't fit in typical rooms. Cigarbox Planetarium (July 16), an otherworldly instrumental two-piece, is one of those acts. They can and do play shows with jazz, indie rock and experimental acts, but they're never really right for the bill. The group plays excellent, intricate tunes, but they're ideal setting is not a club.

The Max Levine Ensemble (July 23) has been playing easy to digest power-punk pop songs for more than 10 years. It's hard to go wrong with a group that has this much stage experience.

The complete list of dates and nearly full lineup of Fort Reno acts is on its official site.

Click through for a slideshow of the temperate Art Sorority for Girls and the well-dressed and almost nude Edie Sedgwick.

Art Sorority for Girls, Edie Sedgwick at Fort Reno