06/22/2012 08:26 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

House Tour: A Vertical Home That Looks Like A...Robot? (VIDEO)

When we stumbled across this video, which teases a Seattle house that looks like a "giant robot," we were skeptical. And after seeing it, we're not exactly sure if this one-of-a-kind home resembles a robot per se, but we must admit it is incredible! Positioned on a small and steep sliver of land that the owners were intent on buying, the home is built…upwards.

As is the case for the exterior, the floor plan is anything but ordinary. In order to ensure the best views, the husband and wife homeowners wanted their living room to be at the top of the 2,600 square-foot home, way above the rest of the space. And the interior design is something special, too. To match the homeowner's belief that color should be bold, the interior is modern and sleek, with pops of bright colors in the furniture and accent walls.

Our favorite part of the home? We'd have to say the modern (but still adorable) nursery. In it is a crib with bright red rails and a stand-out orange, patterned wall. And we love the matching puzzle piece floor rug. We've never seen a baby's room this cool. Robot-inspired or not, one thing is for sure…this home is like nothing else we've ever seen.

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