06/22/2012 02:27 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Josh Hamilton Movie: Does The Texas Rangers Star Have A More Unbelievable Life Than Roy Hobbs?

Josh Hamilton's life is the stuff of Hollywood, so it only makes sense that the Texas Rangers star gets the movie treatment. Deadline.com reported on Thursday that Hamilton and his wife, Katie, will produce a feature film about the outfielder's life, with Casey Affleck set to write and direct.

According to Deadline.com, producer Basil Iwanyk stated the film could combine aspects of "The Natural," "The Blind Side" and "Walk the Line," which almost feels like overkill. Hamilton's story so mirrors the tale of Roy Hobbs in the film version of "The Natural," that this coming feature almost feels like a remake. Albeit one with the added drama of drug and alcohol addiction.

So! Is Hamilton's unbelievable life more fictional than the fictional Mr. Hobbs? HuffPost Entertainment pitted the two outfielders against each other in this special Friday afternoon Tale of the Tape.

Josh Hamilton vs. Roy Hobbs

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