06/22/2012 01:06 pm ET Updated Jun 22, 2012

Katy Perry's New Record Label Needs a Name

When news came out that Katy Perry would be starting her own record label, people had very strong feelings about it, both positive and negative.

This morning, we played a little fill-in-the-blank and asked Twitter:

Reader reactions pretty much covered the spectrum, ranging from despondent: To excited: Thoughtful: to apathetic/other:

Regardless of whether you consider it a boon to the music industry or a plague on the music industry, one of the remaining questions we're intrigued by is what she'll call the new label. Obviously, this is Katy Perry we're talking about -- a woman who has donned cupcake bras and a carousel dress -- so it's unlikely to be boring. We opened up the question to you guys yesterday on Twitter, and (in between Twitter blackouts) got back a lot of whimsical, sarcastic and occasionally boob-centric suggestions. Check out the slideshow below of reader ideas for a record label name and see what you think.

Katy Perry Record Label Name Suggestions