06/22/2012 09:19 am ET

Lady Gaga A '200-Lb Toddler,' Says Manager Troy Carter

It looks like Lady Gaga's manager, Troy Carter, is her toughest critic. (But is he still one of her Little Monsters?)

During a Music Matters keynote interview, the industry mogul jokingly compared Gaga to a "200-lb toddler," but on a more serious note, he refused to accept that she has "made it" as a full-blown superstar. We're sure that her 26 million Twitter followers would disagree.

Taking a page out of Madonna's handbook on how to make headlines, Carter then compared the protest of Gaga's Indonesian show to crucifixion.

"It's less about Gaga than it really is what's happening in the world right now as a whole," he explained. "This is a microcosm. It's a generational divide. Jesus Christ got crucified. It happens."

In March, the Islamic Defenders Front claimed that Lady Gaga's sexy clothes and provocative dance moves would corrupt the youth of their country. They vowed to turn out at the airport by the thousands if Gaga arrived, so the artist was forced to cancel her sold-out show. Gaga told her Little Monsters that she was "devastated."

However, despite Gaga's devastation, Carter would rather "skip" markets like Jakarta than transform Gaga's "Born This Way Ball" to be accepted in those areas.

As for Gaga's current tour in Asia, Carter insisted that Gaga and her team have loved every moment of their trip thus far. "Asia is a very loyal audience and an audience that really, really loves music," he said. "It's not a passive audience at all... We plan on spending a lot more time here."

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