06/22/2012 03:39 pm ET

LeBron James Raps With LMFAO After Heat Wins NBA Championship (VIDEO)

Once Chris Bosh poured out all the champagne on hand in the Miami Heat locker room, the team apparently hit the clubs to celebrate its championship. In fitting South Beach style, the Heat spent a portion of the night party-rocking with LMFAO.

LeBron James rapped along to the song "Riot" by rapper 2 Chainz and broke out some dance moves during a live performance by LMFAO, all while wearing a t-shirt depicting his face with vampire fangs. Yes, vampire fangs. Because when you're the NBA Finals MVP, why not?

Of course, hearing James rhyme is nothing new considering the three-time MVP has been rapping before games throughout the postseason.

Could LeBron follow in the footsteps and drum loops of Metta World Peace and become the next hoopster to try his hand at hip hop?

(h/t to Lewis Kay)