06/22/2012 03:05 pm ET Updated Jun 22, 2012

Mitt Romney Co-Chair: Candidate Would Probably Rescind Obama Immigration Directive

Mitt Romney has repeatedly refused to say whether he would rescind President Barack Obama's recent immigration directive to the Department of Homeland Security to halt deportation and grant work permits to some Dream Act-eligible undocumented immigrants.

Thursday, Ray Walser, a co-chairman of the presumptive Republican candidate's Latin American Working Group, told The Daily Telegraph that Romney would likely end it.

"My anticipation is that he would probably rescind this directive were he to be elected in November," he said.

The British paper followed up with Walser, who then said, "I've now had a little conversation with people from the campaign and they are concerned that I was not speaking in an authoritative voice."

He continued, "They would really prefer that if you're going to quote the Romney position, you get it from someone other than me."

Romney's answer to the directive issued last Friday has been that he will replace the policy with a "long-term solution." However, the politics of immigration reform are notoriously tricky -- the Republican Senate filibustered the Dream Act in 2010 and a bipartisan push for comprehensive immigration reform failed in the 2007 Congress.

UPDATE: 4:04 p.m. -- The Romney campaign responded later Friday. "Ray Walser does not advise nor speak for the campaign on immigration policy," said spokeswoman Andrea Saul. "Gov. Romney has been clear he will put in place a long-term solution that will supersede President Obama's stop-gap measure."