06/22/2012 01:20 pm ET

Stephen Colbert Wants Sweden's Twitter Account So Bad, He's Got 'Stockholm Syndrome' (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert has conquered Congressional hearings, faux-presidential campaigns and even Super PACs, but now he's finding that not everything is as easy to infiltrate as the U.S. government.

The satirist has reached a stalemate trying to gain control of Sweden's official Twitter account @Sweden, which is run by a different Swedish citizen every week. Colbert aims to be the first non-Swede to control the account, but Sweden isn't exactly jumping at the opportunity to hand it over, telling him he'll have to wait.

But neither Sweden PR's balking or the taunts of Sweden's most controversial tweeter have squelched Colbert's Swedish fever or "Stockholm Syndrome," as he so artfully described it. In fact, if Colbert doesn't gain control of the account, he threatened to have the Colbert Nation "cut off all diplomatic relations with Sweden."

While we're not sure exactly what that would entail, Colbert is definitely serious. He ends the segment above with a heartfelt musical appeal, which will hopefully help him out when Sweden officially decides next week what to do about him.

Watch the clip above. You can help Colbert's cause by tweeting your support with the hashtag #ArtificialSwedener or emailing



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