06/22/2012 01:30 am ET Updated Aug 21, 2012

'Swamp People': Gator Uproots A Tree And Takes Off, Dragging It Behind (VIDEO)

"If you see a gator tied to a tree, that's gotta be him." -- Bruce, "Swamp People" (Thu., 9 p.m. ET on History)

It's probably one of the most memorable lines in "Swamp People" history, made even more so by the fact that it was true. Bruce and Ron had a gator caught on their line, which was anchored to at tree. But when they went to fetch the creature, it was nowhere to be found.

Neither was the tree.

So Bruce uttered the hilariously accurate line above as the two men set off to find their alligator, their line and the tree dragging behind him. And after a while, they did just that, and they got their kill. That's one gator, though, that they'll probably remember for a long while.

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