06/22/2012 11:42 am ET Updated Jun 22, 2012

Tim Lincecum Struggles With Giants In First Half Of MLB Season (PHOTOS)

What is going on with Tim Lincecum these days? He seems to turn up on the mound every fifth day but the nasty stuff that earned him two Cy Young Awards in his first five seasons might as well be put on the side of milk cartons in San Francisco. Has anyone seen a fastball?

With a 2-8 record and a startling 6.19 ERA , Lincecum is statistically among the worst for starting pitchers in Major League Baseball in 2012. According to FanGraphs, the average velocity on his fastball this season (90.4 mph) is nearly two miles per hour slower than it was last year (92.3) and almost a full four miles off his 2008 heater (94.1)

Lincecum will have yet another chance to get back on track on Friday night against the Oakland Athletics. The "Freak" has not won a game since April 28th. Will he be able to turn it around for the Giants?

Check out the slideshow below for a roundup of starters that are having a better year so far. Some may surprise you.



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