06/23/2012 12:09 pm ET

Ceaira Treen Brought 13-Year-Old Girl Into Sex Triangle With James Caudill, Ohio Cops Say

An Ohio woman was jailed Friday after allegedly luring a 13-year-old girl into a sexual relationship with her boyfriend's dad.

Ceaira Treen, 21, was living at her boyfriend's home in Bellefontaine when she started having sex with her boyfriend's father, James Caudill, 10TV reported.

Cops said that the new couple involved the teen girl in their sexual relationship in May.

"She was lured into it and was believed to have participated," Bellfontaine police Chief Brandon Standley told the station. "And I think the victim here got in over her head and didn’t know what she was actually getting involved in."

The girl told her mother about the sex triangle, who went to police.

"She was too afraid to tell me, because she was afraid herself that she would be in trouble that she had done something wrong, and she hadn’t," the girl's mother told the station.

The victim is now reportedly depressed and in therapy.

Both Treen and Caudill are charged with felony sexual contact with a minor, WKTN reported.