06/25/2012 04:08 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Cleveland Truck Driver Ditches Local AIDS Group Over Gay Pride Parade

An Ohio truck driver is at the epicenter of a local controversy after ditching a community AIDS group upon learning he and his trailer were going to be participating in a gay pride parade in Cleveland.

As Fox 8 is reporting, the driver allegedly yelled obscenities before storming off when he learned the news, despite the fact that his company had volunteered its services to provide the group a float for the parade.

“When the driver realized that he was going to be driving for the gay pride parade, he then stormed off and drove away, leaving us without a float this morning,” Judith Pindell, director of public policy for the AIDS Taskforce of Greater Cleveland told the news channel.

Added Tracey Jones, the group's CEO: "It was really hard for us because today is so much about equal rights for all and the celebration of difference and the important of acknowledging who you are, and for him to drive away and kind of leave us high and dry was disappointing."

A photograph of the alleged culprit, identified only as "Tim from Mr. Excavator," has been uploaded to the AIDS Taskforce of Greater Cleveland's Facebook page, along with the following caption: "One of the reasons we have Pride is to show the world that we are a beautiful, talented community that doesn't deserve the hatred and bigotry we have to face from ignorant people like Tim from Mr. Excavator."