06/25/2012 11:18 am ET

Joe Scarborough: 'This Is A Gross, Repulsive Campaign' (VIDEO)

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Joe Scarborough flipped out over the 2012 election after blasting campaign finance at length on Monday's "Morning Joe."

Brzezinski was reading an op-ed criticizing Republican donors when Scarborough let loose on campaign spending. He called it a "perversion of the political system," and proceeded to criticize both parties.

"Can I just blow myself up right here?" Scarborough said. "This is a really gross campaign. You got all of these people spending billions of dollars, you got two candidates who are saying nothing." He alleged that both Romney and Obama are merely giving boring speeches without offering any concrete plans for health care, Social Security or jobs.

"They're saying nothing, but they're spending more money than ever before to say it," Scarborough blasted. "This is a gross, repulsive campaign that is sound and fury signifying nothing."

"It's like a Seinfeld episode," Brzezinski observed.

Scarborough seized on the phrase. "Write it down," he said. "6:48 am. June 25th. Mika Brzezinski calls it the Seinfeld campaign and she's right. This is a campaign about nothing."



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