06/25/2012 11:16 am ET Updated Jun 28, 2012

Kelsey Smith Accused Of Spitting Blood On Police In Florida, Takes Crazy Mugshot (POLL)

Buttocks tasing and blood spitting are two key ingredients to an intriguing story. A truly wild mugshot doesn't hurt either.

Police in Florida arrested Kelsey Smith, 29, last Tuesday after the suspect endured multiple tasings during a struggle with law enforcement, according to an arrest report obtained by The Huffington Post.

Smith was spotted by a Volusia County sheriff's deputy in Deltona, Fla. after he allegedly parked in the middle of an intersection.

The suspect's eyes "were glassy and bloodshot, and his speech was very slurred," the report said. The deputy also wrote that "the smell commonly associated with the consumption of alcohol was emanating from within the vehicle and from Smith's person."

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The report claims that Smith resisted a field sobriety test leading police to arrest him on a DUI. And that's when things got interesting.

Smith allegedly refused to get out of his vehicle and required three tasings -- one to the buttocks -- to get him into handcuffs and inside the deputy's squad car.

Smith must have been feeling camera-shy, because when deputies tried to take photos to show that he hadn't sustained any injuries, the suspect allegedly struggled and had to be pinned against a car. He then began to bash his face into the vehicle's roof, causing himself to bleed, the report says. Smith's final tool of resistance was to split blood at the deputies, according to the report.

Smith is charged with DUI and resisting arrest.

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