06/25/2012 03:06 pm ET

Kim Kardashian Divorce: Kris Jenner Jokes About Kim's Split (VIDEO)

Kim Kardashian may have told Oprah Winfrey on Sunday that she's "not thinking about marriage" with boyfriend Kanye West, but that didn't stop mom Kris Jenner from giving her opinion about how she'd feel about her daughter remarrying.

"With Kim, she falls in love really hard -- she's a hopeless romantic," Jenner told Bethenny Frankel when she stopped by "Bethenny" on Monday. "I tell all my children, follow your heart. Do what you feel and what you think is the right thing to do -- but follow your heart."

Jenner's supportive stance eventually gave way to a few laugh about Kardashian's
ongoing divorce from Kris Humphries, her husband of 72 days.

"[Kim's] really good with her intuition and she's usually -- well, she hasn't been so right lately," Jenner said. "What's a measly 72 days?"

But Jenner thinks her daughter is "right about this one" -- an allusion, we assume, to West (after all, Jenner has said she "loves" the rapper.) Her husband, however, doesn't seem to share her opinion. When news first broke that Kardashian was dating West in April, Kardashian's stepdad, Bruce Jenner, admitted to TMZ that he was "not that excited" about the pairing.

We wonder if Jenner's trepidation has something to do with the fact that Kardashian's marriage to Humphires lasted less than three months. However, while their union was certainly short-lived, it's not the shortest Hollywood marriage we've ever seen. Click through the slideshow for eight stars who filed for divorce less than a month after they got hitched.