06/25/2012 02:45 pm ET Updated Aug 25, 2012

Lebron Finally Wins... Who Do We Hate Next?

Last week, Lebron James won his first NBA championship, effectively ending the "Lebron Can't Win" storyline that has dominated the media for the past few years. Since the victory, the anti-Lebron media narrative has been replaced by stories of his maturity and focus, not to mention redemption for his infamous 2010 "Decision" to publicly abandon Cleveland for Miami.

While the changing sentiment is good for Lebron, it raises a critical dilemma for the rest of us: Who's next?

Now that Lebron is a winner, which athlete will be publicly dissected by every fan, coach, and critic in the country?

Whose activities off the court, field, or ice will be scrutinized by the world?

Who will we hate next?

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