06/25/2012 05:48 pm ET Updated Jun 26, 2012

Singing Bride: Bride Serenades Groom Down The Aisle (VIDEO)

Some brides dance down the aisle, and some grooms sing at the altar. But Marie Carr may be the first bride to serenade her groom as she walked down the aisle.

In what might be one of the most unique (and somewhat awkward) ways to make the last leg of the journey to the altar that we've seen, Carr belted out Christina Aguilera's "The Right Man" to Devin, her husband-to-be as she made her way toward him.

Carr told "Inside Edition" last week that she knew she'd be walking down the aisle solo after her father died during her teenage years. "I wanted [Devin] to know how much I loved him, and how perfect he is to me. I thought the best way to do that would be to sing to him as I walked down the aisle," Carr said.

Though Carr married her husband in October 2011, the video from her wedding just started to go viral this week.

What do you think? Would you sing to your spouse-to-be on your Big Day? Let us know in the comments!

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