06/25/2012 11:56 am ET

SQUIRT GUN ATTACK: 4 Adults Shot Chlorinated Water At People, Pennsylvania Cops Say

Authorities charged four Pennsylvania adults last week after they allegedly filled their water guns with chlorinated water and executed a drive-by squirting.

A New Castle woman told police that the suspected H2O foes -- Carli Malley, 18, Paul Fee, 24, Andrew Ayers, 18 and Victoria Greco, 19 -- drove past her and her younger brother Wednesday and squirted a "strong smelling liquid" at them, New Castle News reported.

The quick-thinking victims wrote down the vehicle's license plate number, and cops tracked down the group at Malley's home.

Police said all four suspects admitted to spraying the pair. They weren't arrested, but police did cite them for disorderly conduct and harassment.

In addition, parents of one of the alleged perps were charged for yelling at and insulting the officers while they took down the squirters' information, CBS News reported.

It's unclear whether the drive-by was random attack or a watery hit on the pair.