06/25/2012 03:28 pm ET Updated Jun 25, 2012

Still Spirits Elixirs Claim To Transform Vodka Into Liquor Of Your Choice

If you've only got a bottle of vodka on hand, but you've got a taste for something else, Still Spirits has a solution. Just pour one of the company's spirit-flavored products into the bottle, shake and voila! You've got gin, whiskey, absinthe and more.

At least that's what the Still Spirits' website would have you believe. Gizmodo did a taste test of three -- "Tennesse Bourbon," "Blue Jewel Gin" and "Irish Cream" -- with mixed results:

These were way, way better than we expected. Sure, you could just buy a real bottle of bourbon or gin. But a lot of folks want to experiment with other liquors without investing in a whole bottle. And other people might wind up with a handle of leftover vodka and no idea what to do with it. If that's the case, then the pouches, at about $5 each, are totally worth it. Drinkers who want to take it further can dive into individual flavors like Cedar Oak, and Peat Smoke.

For the record, we know there's actually no such thing as "Tennessee Bourbon." Bourbon by definition is made in Kentucky, but let's not spoil the fun, shall we?

Still spirits says that you don't always have to use vodka as a base; gin and grain alcohol are acceptable as well. Check out the product line's site, aptly named, for individual "spirit" descriptions.

Other options include "Calypso Dark Rum," "Jamaican Dark Rum," "Navy Dark Rum," "Spiced Gold Rum," "American Bourbon," "Brandy," "Finest Reserve Scotch Whiskey" and "White Rum."

Watch how these "spirits" get made in the video below.