06/25/2012 11:05 am ET

'The Office:' Steve Carell Talks Guest Appearance

Over a year after his final appearance on "The Office," fans are still mourning the loss of their beloved Michael Scott (Steve Carell).

In fact, they miss him so much that they wishfully thought he had returned to Dunder Mifflin in the form of a bearded man in a January episode of the NBC series. A rep later confirmed that this wasn't the case.

But it could still happen ... right?

According to Carell, however, it isn't likely.

"It hasn't been discussed," Carell, whose last "Office" episode aired in April 2011, told The LA Times. "Do you really think that people want to see Michael Scott again? I think the people who say they want to see Michael Scott reappear would be ultimately slightly disappointed. I think you always wish for something that you don't sincerely want to come true. And I think in a way it's better to imagine where Michael and Holly are at this point than actually see it."

Carell is far from out of work, though: The actor is starring in the film "Seeking A Friend For The End World" opposite Keira Knightly. The film centers on a man who, after finding himself alone as an asteroid nears planet earth, seeks out his high school sweetheart to have someone by his side as the world collapses.

"Steve Carell says he related to this character more than most of the ones he sees," director Lorene Scafaria told HuffPost's Marshall Fine of Carell's character in "Seeking A Friend." "And Steve is everyman -- but he's a chameleon."

"Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World" hit theaters on Friday, June 22.

For more on Carell, click over to The LA Times.

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