06/26/2012 10:59 am ET

'Alex Cross' Trailer: Tyler Perry Hunts Matthew Fox (VIDEO)

Matthew Fox's ridiculously and laughably jacked serial killer in "Alex Cross" broke the cardinal rule of the "Alex Cross" universe: He crossed Alex Cross. Cross cross cross. Cross? (Just checking to see if you're still paying attention.)

As the "Alex Cross" poster surmises, it's bad when people cross Alex Cross. For starters, he's played by Tyler Perry, who is a massive human being. (Perry is listed at six-foot-five.) There's also the fact that in detective thrillers like this one, the bad guy almost always winds up getting caught or killed or both, usually as victim of his own hubris. "Inflicting pain is a crucial part of my true calling," Fox's killer says in the trailer, before later giving the creepiest ever line reading of the word "stunning." (Fox later pulls out a bazooka, just because.)

Directed by Rob Cohen and based on the character created by James Patterson, "Alex Cross" is a big step for Perry. It's his first big franchise role away from the Madea films that he's created. (The latest Madea entry, "Witness Protection," is out on Friday.) For Fox, it's chance to make audiences forget his time spent on the island and in the tabloids. Win win?

"Alex Cross" is out in theaters this fall.

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