06/26/2012 12:48 pm ET Updated Jun 26, 2012

Bees Injure Palm City Woman And Kill Her Pugs

Tropical storm Debby's strong winds may have rattled an already aggressive hive of bees in Palm City, sending a woman to the hospital and killing her two pugs.

The woman was out for her routine morning walk on Monday when thousands of bees attacked her and her pets as she approached a vacant lot, according a Martin County news release.

Suspected to be Africanized or killer bees, the aggressive swarm chased her more than 150 feet, reports TC Palm.

A nearby lawn crew witnessed the attack and stayed with the victim until paramedics arrived.

After suffering 200 stings, one dog died at the scene while the other expired after being transported to a local veterinarian for treatment. Although the woman's condition remains unknown, CBS 12 reports that she was stung upwards of 70 times.

Strong winds knocked down the bees' hive, which was located in a 10-foot hollowed out palm tree.

Gene Lemire, Martin County Mosquito Control manager, said "The bees were already mad, and they were looking for something that was a threat. The woman and the two dogs just happened to be walking by."