06/26/2012 12:41 pm ET

Caffe Capri's Sarah Devita And Joe Rinaldi Refreshingly Not 'Tres Brooklyn,' Still Serve Great Iced Coffee (VIDEO)

In a neighborhood where bougie drip coffee often reigns king and in a world where "tres Brooklyn" is apparently a thing, it's refreshing to see one Williamsburg mainstay continue to defy trends, serving their beloved iced coffee the same way for nearly four decades.

Filmmaker Casimir Nozkowski caught up with Caffe Capri owners Sarah Devita And Joe Rinaldi in a great short film that captures Williamsburg locals bucking hip coffee spots for Capri's carefully constructed iced coffee.

And since 1973, the old Italians in the neighborhood and young Williamsburg residents alike have been coming to enjoy the excellent beverages at the Graham Avenue spot, and more importantly, to enjoy the owners' customer service.

In the charming video, Devita explains upon opening they quickly realized "we have to make it better than anyone else" because elsewhere, the ice cubes would water down the strength of the espresso.

Watch above to see the pair discuss their Valentine's Day opening and to hear residents rave about Caffe Capri's dedication to their customers.