06/26/2012 06:02 pm ET Updated Jun 27, 2012

Cinemagram: LA Gifs From The Photo App (PHOTOS)

LA has always photographed well. Now, it animates well.

GIF (graphics interchange format) apps, which allow users to create partially animated photos (also known as cinemagraphs) on their phones, are becoming increasingly popular.

The trendiest of the group is Cinemagram, which was launched for free back in March, according to Venture Beat.

The app is fairly simple: you take a short (think 2- to 3-second) video, highlight the area of the video that you want to animate, put an edgy filter over it if you so desire, and voilà! You get a fascinating cinemagraph.

Send us your best cinemagraphs of LA, and enjoy these striking images taken all around the city!

Cinemagram Snaps In LA