06/26/2012 02:11 pm ET Updated Jun 29, 2012

Colbert Mocks Desperate Media Coverage Of Supreme Court Health Care Decision (VIDEO)

With the Supreme Court continuing to deliberate over whether or not President Obama's health care reforms are constitutional, many news shows have been clamoring for any semblance of a new development on the court's final decision.

However, on Monday night, Stephen Colbert used a special "Colbert News Alert" to reveal that the Supreme Court "has decided, last Thursday, to decide today that they will decide next Thursday."

Unfortunately, not all media outlets are as savvy and hard-hitting as "The Colbert Report," so many journalists have just been awkwardly waiting around on-air with the hope that news of the court's decision will come through. Stuart Varney from the Fox Business Network, for example, was reduced to updating viewers every few minutes to let them know that he was "still waiting" for the decision to come.

But as Colbert noted, "Luckily, as a Fox Business Anchor, Stu Varney has vast experience reporting absolutely no information."

Check out the full clip above to see Colbert rip on news outlets that are desperately trying to hold on to their viewers despite having no new or relevant information to report on.



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